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With expanding investments in health care and increasing life expectancy the industry in Asia keeps growing strongly. With us you can cover all major sectors including Health care services and facilities, medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies.
Energy sector is going through a major transformation towards clean and renewable sources. Asian countries are closely following market leaders to secure clean, independent and reliable energy sources for the future. Energy saving solutions are in high demand.
Asia has been a manufacturing powerhouse for long dominated by China, Japan and Korea. In recent years major shift towards manufacturing in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia while high value-added manufacturing still remains in the powerhouse countries.
Online media, gaming, animation, mobile apps and other digital media are strong and growing sectors in many Asian countries. Art outsourcing, full-stack development, animation production and anything between can be outsourced from Asian countries. The region also offers great opportunities in funding, investments and the countries are lucrative markets for app developers accessing the consumers.
Consumer buying power is in certain areas the strongest in the world, while the middle class continues to grow strong in most countries in Asia. Retail markets offer multiple market opportunities while it is important to realize differences in tastes, trends and consumer behavior in each market.
Services is growing sector in many countries in the region. Both b2c and b2b services are continuously gaining importance and become especially relevant as the labor cost goes up. Legal, financial, accounting and other professional services are just few examples.
Information and communication technologies are huge industries in Asia and companies such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, NTT are global leaders in many sectors. Value chains supplying these sectors are broad and deep in the region. ICT sector offers continuously market opportunities revolving around raw materials, components and technical solutions.
Asia is home for world’s larges construction companies, which are heavily involved in global projects in housing, plant and infrastructure. Often suppliers can access major projects around Asia, middle east and Africa through partnering with Korean, Japanese and Chinese EPC companies. We have identified purchasing channels and behavior of many of EPC companies in this region.
Industrial equipment, heavy machinery, shipbuilding and offshore industries are extremely well developed in Asia. Identifying the correct sales channels and target markets is crucial in leveraging your market access in the region.

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Customers Problem Client company is Tana Oy from Finland. Tana is one of the leading manufacturers of solid waste management
Customer’s Problem The client company is a pioneering European healthcare technology company, aiming to be the leading manufacturer of medical
Client company is a family owned European technology company. The company has developed through intensive R&D work a unique technology

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