Terrie Lloyd appointed new Partner for Japan

Asian Insiders, Asia’s most comprehensive single service consulting network, is honoured to announce the appointment of new Partner for Japan, Mr. Terrie Lloyd. Terrie has 40 years of experience of business in Japan including building, operating and selling down his own companies in several fields including media, technology, human resources and private equity. Terrie is superbly connected to leaders in industry, finance, technology and government in Japan and is an acknowledged expert in market entry, business development and entrepreneurship in the Japanese market. The Japanese economic recovery is under way now, with an increasing range of opportunities for international companies and investors. Asian Insiders is pleased to partner with Terrie to work together in exploring these opportunities in a measured, professional manner.

Further information on Terrie’s capabilities and background are available here and on how we work in Japan here

Terrie is available at terrie.lloyd(at)asianinsiders.com and welcomes any enquiries or requests for further information.

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