Country: Vietnam

economy of Vietnam

The Improving Economy of Vietnam

The economy of Vietnam is surging with record levels of FDI and significant improvements in energy and...
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Vietnam’s Logistics Sector 1100x619

Vietnam’s Logistics Sector

Vietnam’s logistics sector is receiving major government support as well as foreign investment as opportunity...
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Vietnam's energy plan

Vietnam’s PDP8: Energy Plan for the Future

The Vietnamese government has recently announced its ambitious new Power Development Plan, known as PDP8,...
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Vietnam’s Business Growth 1100x619

Vietnam’s Business Growth and China Plus One

The term “China Plus One” refers to a business strategy that involves diversifying the supply...
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Metal Structures Manufacturing in Vietnam

Client Problem Increasing Chinese costs makes traditionally outsourced manufacturing more expensive....
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Furniture and Cabinets Outsourcing

Client Problem Increasing costs from China and 25% import customs duties to the US are driving outsourced...
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