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Thailand Energy Grid

Can the Thailand Energy Grid Keep Up with the Country’s Push for Renewables?

The potential limitations of the Thailand energy grid are coming into focus as the country...
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Korea Smart Grid 1100x619

Renewable Integration is the Next Step for Korean Smart Grid Success

With progress being made on the Korean Smart Grid Roadmap 2030, the next major obstacle is...
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Are You Ready for Success in Asia 1100x619

Are You Ready for Success in Asia?

Success in Asia requires a robust approach to planning, partnering, resource allocation and...
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Building Taiwan’s Bicycle Business 1100x619

Building Taiwan’s Bicycle Business

Taiwan's bicycle business is booming. Improved technology and smart thinking will transform...
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The Korean Artificial Intelligence Industry 1100x619

The Korean Artificial Intelligence Industry

The Korean artificial intelligence industry is flourishing, full of promise for the future...
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Booming Fintech in Indonesia

Fintech in Indonesia is rapidly rising, promising to improve financial inclusiveness across...
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shutterstock_258926711 1100x619

Powering Up: Cambodia’s Power Development Plan

Cambodia's power development plan 2022 -2040 offers a framework for the improvement of the...
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economy of Vietnam

The Improving Economy of Vietnam

The economy of Vietnam is surging with record levels of FDI and significant improvements in...
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Renewables in Japan - Powering the Future 1100x619

Renewables in Japan: Powering the Future

Japan has made international commitments towards net zero carbon, yet also has an urgent need...
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Trade Meetings and Exhibitions in Thailand 1100x619

Trade Meetings and Exhibitions in Thailand

Trade meetings and exhibitions in Thailand are an excellent way to build regional prominence...
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India’s Retail Market 1100x619

India’s Retail Market – Looking Ahead

Now in 2024, India’s retail market currently the fourth largest in the world, is undergoing...
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Opportunities in Malaysia’s Automotive Sector 1100x619

Opportunities in Malaysia’s Automotive Sector

Opportunities in Malaysia's automotive sector
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Developing the Circular Economy in Asia 1100x619

Developing the Circular Economy in Asia

Developing the circular economy in Asia
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Opportunities from China’s Silver Economy 1100x619

Opportunities from China's Silver Economy

Like many other countries in Asia, China is aging. This has far-reaching implications for Chinese...
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High Opportunity in Taiwan’s Hydrogen Sector 1100x619

High Opportunity in Taiwan’s Hydrogen Sector

Taiwan is a manufacturing powerhouse and plays an important role in the economic balance of...
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How to Succeed in South Korea 1100x619

How to Succeed in South Korea

As everyone knows, Korea has become an economic powerhouse, and most will be aware of a number...
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Gone Fishing - Indonesian Aquaculture 1100x619

Gone Fishing: Indonesian Aquaculture

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world is an archipelago nation spanning...
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Opportunities in Medical Tourism in Thailand 1100x619

Opportunities in Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is well regarded internationally as a destination for personal medical care, especially...
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The International Rise of Korean Food 1100x619

The International Rise of Korean Food

The recent rise of Korean cuisine on the global stage has been meteoric. From the ubiquitous...
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Going Places - India's EV sector 1100x619

Going Places: India's EV sector

India's EV sector face explosive growth over the next few years.
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amie-johnson-VJXLzQi5TlE-unsplash 1100x619

A New Tradition: Non-Alcoholic Beer in Japan

Japan is the seventh largest beer consuming nation in the world with considerably more beer...
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Reaching New Heights Malaysia's Aerospace Sector 1100x619-2

Reaching New Heights: Malaysia’s Aerospace Sector

Malaysia's aerospace sector is set to become the Asian leader in aerospace and is on track...
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Vietnam’s Logistics Sector 1100x619

Vietnam’s Logistics Sector

Vietnam’s logistics sector is receiving major government support as well as foreign investment...
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Taiwan’s Cleanroom Industry 1100x619

Taiwan’s Cleanroom Industry

Cleanroom technology is a necessary element in the supply chain and production line in quite...
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E-commerce in China 1100x619

E-Commerce in China

E-commerce in China is a critical pathway into that market, now the largest domestic consumer...
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Planning for EV Infrastructure in Asia 1100x619

Planning for EV Infrastructure in Asia

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum worldwide as governments and communities...
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Indonesia’s Textile and Garment Sector 1100x619

Indonesia’s Textile and Garment Sector

Indonesia’s textile and garment sector is one of the largest in the world, employs millions...
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Opportunities in Indian Pharmaceuticals 1100x619

Opportunities in Indian Pharmaceuticals

India is the 3rd largest producer of pharmaceuticals and is growing rapidly. The Indian government...
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Which is the Best Asian Market 1100x619

Which is the Best Asian Market?

Understanding the ideal new Asian market requires a detailed sector-based comparative view...
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Opportunities in Korean Construction 1100x619

Opportunities in Korean Construction

The Korean construction sector is booming with both domestic and international construction...
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Malaysia’s Data Centre Business 1100x619

Malaysia’s Data Centre Business

Malaysia's international connectivity, economy and proximity to Singapore and Southeast Asia...
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Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard – A Thriving Base in Asia 1100x619

Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard – A Thriving Base in Asia

Thailand's eastern seaboard offers an exception base for international companies to establish...
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Opportunities in Indonesian Medical Services 1100x619

Opportunities in Indonesian Medical Services

Indonesia Medical Services is an exciting international opportunity
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Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry 1100x619

Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

Taiwan is particularly known for its dominance in the design and manufacture of semiconductors....
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India’s Automobile Industry 1100x619

India’s Automobile Industry

India's Automobile Industry offers significant opportunities for foreign vehicle manufacturers
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Business Challenges for Japan 1100x619

Business Challenges for Japan

As Japan has struggled to emerge from its ‘two decades of stagnation’ the country continues...
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Malaysia’s Borneo States 1100x619

Malaysia’s Borneo States

The national territory of Malaysia includes the two provinces, Sabah and Sarawak that lie in...
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Transforming Indonesia’s Logistics Sector 1100x619

Transforming Indonesia’s Logistics Sector

Indonesia, a country of around 17,000 islands extending 5,150 km east to west is a vast archipelago...
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Successful Partner Search in Asia 1100x619

Successful Partner Search in Asia

It might be reasonable for a western business person to believe that their counterpart in Asia...
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Taiwan’s Drive for Renewable Energy 1100x619

Taiwan’s Drive for Renewable Energy

Taiwan is dependent upon imported fossil fuels for over 90% of its energy generation. However...
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Japan - Is Kaizen Still Useful Today 1100x619

Japan - Is Kaizen Still Useful Today?

Japan - is Kaizen still useful today?
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South Korea's Food and Beverage Market 1100x619

South Korea's Food and Beverage Market

South Korea, once ravaged by war and poverty, is now a significant player in the global economy....
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Doing Business in India – Getting Easier

Doing business in India is getting easier as evidenced by India’s rapid rise in the World Bank’s...
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Thailand’s Retail Food Industry

Thailand’s Retail Food Industry

Norwegian Seafood Council's pavilion at ThaiFex Anuga 2023
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Kuala Lumpur World Class Business Hub 1100x619

Kuala Lumpur – a World Class Business Hub

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is an attractive location for international investors...
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Vietnam's energy plan

Vietnam’s PDP8: Energy Plan for the Future

The Vietnamese government has recently announced its ambitious new Power Development Plan,...
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opportunity for investors

Indonesia’s New Capital: Opportunity for Investors

In 2019, President Joko Widodo announced that the political and administrative capital of the...
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Indonesia attracting foreign investment

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law: Attracting International Investment

In November 2020, Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo signed into effect the Omnibus...
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Vietnam’s Business Growth 1100x619

Vietnam’s Business Growth and China Plus One

The term “China Plus One” refers to a business strategy that involves diversifying...
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Wine and Spirits Market in India 1100x619

Wine and Spirits Market in India

India’s wine and spirits market offers lucrative business opportunities. Demand for wine...
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Hong Kong and China Strategy Going Forwards

Hong Kong and China - Strategy Going Forwards

Hong Kong is still the ideal gateway to China, while a good market in its own right, especially...
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Doing Business in Asia 1100x619 230418

Doing Business in Asia: Strategy for Success

With many years of experience in business and in trade promotions for his native Finland, Asian...
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shutterstock_125229503 1100x619

EV Manufacturing in Thailand – Opportunities for the Future

Thailand, now the 10th largest global manufacturer of motor vehicles, has set bold targets...
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Energy in Korea

Opportunities for Energy in Korea – A Shift in Policy

Korea’s new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, has announced a shift from the previous president’s energy...
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Doing Business with India

Doing Business with India - An Emerging Powerhouse

The world has watched as India has developed rapidly over recent years. The country’s...
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shutterstock_1657947583 1100x619

The Cement Industry in Indonesia - Looking Ahead

The cement industry in Indonesia is a rapidly growing sector becoming increasingly essential...
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shutterstock_200500832 1100x619

What is My Total Addressable Market

It is important to know your total addressable market, TAM, sometimes also referred to as total...
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manufacturing in South Korea

Manufacturing in South Korea - Trends for 2023

South Korea has been a global manufacturing powerhouse for decades, with industries such as...
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The AgeTech Business in japan

The AgeTech Business in Japan

The population of Japan is aging fast, and with the oldest average in the world, has become...
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Business and Investment in Malaysia

Business and Investment in Malaysia

With a unique history in Asia including colonisation, religious and ethnic diversity and a...
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ancient-3773933 1100x619

Doing Business in Cambodia: Hot or Not?

As investment pours into Southeast Asia and the wider region is ramping up industrial capacity,...
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Business with China: Opening the Chinese door

Business with China: Still Valuable

In times of post-covid uncertainty and rising geopolitical tensions, should western companies...
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Boost Your Supply Chain before it is too Late

Asian Supply Chain Strategy

Asian Insiders with a physical presence in most major Asian countries and trusted associates...
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Thailand's Energy Future

As Thailand’s industry has expanded and the population has increasingly urbanised, its energy...
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Unlocking Solar Power, a Growing Business in the Philippines

Solar power, a growing business globally, is an ideal source of energy for the Philippines...
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Solar Energy in India has Gigantic Opportunities

India is running one of the largest and most ambitious renewable capacity expansion programs...
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Carbon-neutral Korea – Rethinking Energy

Transitioning from 3,000 barrels per day and 15-MMst of annual coal imports, South Korea is...
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A Post-Pandemic Guide for Businesses to Thrive in the New Normal

The pandemic has abruptly and significantly transformed industries across the world — from...
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Self-checkout is Changing Retail Industry – Interview with Hanwha Techwin

In a world where people are becoming more conscious of their safety, some only leave their...
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