Associate Partners

We work with associates and partners around the world that have the expertise and connections that complement our own. We select those partners that allow us to extend our reach and the quality of our services.

We work with associates and partners around the world that have the expertise and connections that complement our own. We select those partners that allow us to extend our reach and the quality of our services.

Outside Asia we work with partners to extend our reach to clients where we are not physically present. Within Asia we work with selected associates in specific countries and sectors or with associates offering a skillset that allows us to tailor our services to our client needs.



AMENA AFRICA is a leading pan-African market advisory firm, supporting clients from the conception of their expansion plan, to achieving their market entry and beyond. The company operates at the nexus of industry and government and believe in business opportunities, not in theory. The company’s key to success is rooted in its strong belief in local solutions for local challenges. The work is executed on the ground from the company’s four key locations and benefits from our extensive networks and knowledge. AMENA AFRICA has worked across various industries and are confident that almost every industry or product has great potential in Africa.

Holger Vogt

Managing Director

BKP Consulting


BKP is one of the leading research and consultancy companies based in Istanbul, Turkey, since 1997. They assist foreign and Turkish companies, investors, government agencies, associations, and consulting companies in Turkey and in other countries. Their mission is to ensure a rapid, cost and time efficient entry to or expansion in various markets through commercial due diligences, market research, industry reviews, market intelligence projects, B2B matchmakings and lead generation for sales, procurement and for acquisition.

Deniz Kabaağaç

Managing Partner



Cintasia provides business and consulting services to industrial engineering and manufacturing companies willing to develop in Southeast Asia and especially in Indonesia. Cintasia’s services include business intelligence, market survey, strategic analysis, partner search, business development, customer’s relationship management, marketing, negotiation, supply-chain and interim management. With offices in France and Indonesia, Cintasia is ideally positioned to bridge Europe and Southeast Asia, with always the same goal in mind: maximise value and benefits for its clients.

Ilann Amram

Founder & Managing Director

E.M. Wasylik

United States

International Business Development Experts: Companies turn to EMW when they look to effectively enter or expand their reach in global markets, obtain actionable international market research, and ensure sales efforts drive business results. For more than 20 years, their multi-lingual and culturally diverse team of talented associates has successfully guided clients as they grow their international business development efforts.

Ken Wasylik

Managing Director | Global Business Developer

Exigo Finland

Finland, UAE & Middle East

Exigo Finland is a leading consultancy bringing visionary Finnish research, development and expertise to focus projects in the Middle East and Asia. Exigo Finland connects state-of-the-art innovation to projects in cleantech and clean energy solutions, the circular economy and advanced smart-city developments. With particular experience in the UAE and other Middle Eastern markets, Exigo Finland delivers project management, business development and finance solutions to selected projects in key centres in the Middle East and Asia. Exigo Finland works through an extensive network of technical, trade and finance connections including Asian Insiders.

Nina Eriksson


Explore Markets

Poland, Sweden

Explore Markets supports clients in their journey into Central & Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. With modern market entry strategies, the company’s international expansion consultants are ready to drive your growth. Explore Markets brings 20 years of experience, proven methodologies and access to a network of industry partners and local suppliers to develop solid market entry strategies. Based in Poland and Sweden, the company’s partners are growth experts and help you to understand, enter and grow in the local markets.

Fredrik Udd

Managing Partner

Goodey International Consultancy (GIC)


Goodey International Consultancy (GIC) is a UK-headquartered advisory firm specialising in inwards investment and international expansion , offering specific attention to Asian market entry strategies and support. Managing Director Andrew Davis has recently held the positions of Head of Investment Promotion, based in the UK, then previously as Associate Director-General based in Hong Kong where he facilitated foreign direct investment. Earlier roles include working with the Welsh Development Agency and its successor, International Business Wales. Mr Davis is an Asia-Pacific specialist having spent much of his career in Asia working in finance, investment and procurement, including 19 years in Hong Kong.

Andrew Davis

Managing Director

Masson International

France, Switzerland and Wallonia

Masson International is a company that specialises in market entry and business development services in Switzerland, France, and Belgium. Based in Switzerland and France, Masson International helps international companies and Economic Development Organisations enter the Swiss, French, and Belgian markets. From the outbound perspective, Masson International advises companies and EDOs in its territory on international strategy and offers them solutions to grow their foreign markets through experienced partners like Asian Insiders.

Nicolas Bernard-Masson

Managing Director


Belgium and Luxembourg

Matches2success is Asian Insiders’ local partner for Belgium and Luxembourg. This partnership serves European based companies looking to internationalise and/or optimise the business operations towards Asia and for Asian companies considering to enter or strengthen the market position in Belgium and Luxembourg. Matches2success’ purpose is to bring revenue and bottom line growth to companies through business development as its specialisation, by outlaying revenue growth and business optimisation options and by implementing growth.

Picus Advisors Ltd.


Picus Advisors Ltd. is an advisory and consulting company. The company’s services cover comprehensive analysis, evaluation and advisory services for clients active in the cleantech, renewable energy, healthcare and selected industrial sectors. Picus Advisors promotes deal-making between companies, clients, investors and financiers looking for potential equity investment opportunities, M&As or growth in general. Picus Advisors’ focuses on Southeast Asia, China, Northern Europe, USA, and Baltics, where the company’s extensive network provides fast and immediate access to real business and contacts. Picus Advisors Ltd is led by senior business specialists, each with more than 30 years of continuous and successful work in the listed sectors and geographical areas.

Ari Makkonen

Executive Advisor

Race AS


Race AS is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, a city renowned as the “Energy Capital of Norway” for its significant role in the nation’s petroleum and renewable energy sectors. On a daily basis, Race AS takes charge of the MICE, hospitality, and community activities at FOMO, which is the largest Corporate Coworking Space in the Nordics, providing a dynamic and inspiring environment for more than 180 Scaleups and SMEs. Furthermore, Race, together with numerous Norwegian entrepreneurs, corporations, investor communities, innovation hubs, and accelerators is one of the central initiators in the XXOX Global Opportunities initiative. The vision of this concept is designed to unlock global opportunities for Norwegian companies looking to scale its business into new territories. In partnership with Asian Insiders, Race is actively engaged in advising Norwegian companies seeking to expand into Asian markets. The company’s focus lies in identifying businesses that align with market demands and are ready for entry into the Asian market.

Rudi Clausen

CEO & Co-Founder Funky Fomo

Rasmussen and Tamura


Rasmussen and Tamura is a consulting firm that specialises in providing executive coaching and cultural assessments to clients with a focus on Asia. Their unique approach combines their deep understanding of Asian culture and business practices with expertise in executive coaching to help clients succeed in their cross-cultural endeavours.

One of the key benefits of working with Rasmussen and Tamura is the ability to help clients navigate the complex cultural dynamics of doing business in Asia. By providing tailored cultural assessments, they help clients identify potential cultural barriers and develop strategies to overcome these.

Bo Bjerregaard Rasmussen

Managing Director

RedFern Associates

Hong Kong

Scott Brown has worked in China and Hong Kong since 1997 and is an established expert on M&A and corporate financing projects in Asia. Scott started with investment projects including China’s largest aquarium in Beijing and a Shanghai SOE leather tannery, and further as China CFO, then MD of a multi-national packaging group. He also served as Asia Development Director for an NYSE publicly listed talent company, and later as Director of Finance and Board Chairman for a leading European measuring equipment company. Scott holds post-grad qualifications in accounting & business law and finance and is a registered member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Scott Brown

Managing Partner

RSB International

Global Sanctions and Export Compliance

In a globalised world, exports, imports, and international transactions form the backbone of many businesses. The increasing complexity of export control regulations and international sanctions means it is more difficult than ever to get the clarity that is needed. These transactions often intersect with intricate legal frameworks, which, if not appropriately managed, could result in significant penalties. Through RSB International, Asian Insiders is ready to guide you through the intricate web of European Union, US, and international sanctions and export compliance laws and regulations.

Sam Morris


Seven Stones Finland


Seven Stones Finland evaluates Finnish innovations and investments suitable for Asian markets and provides market entry and business development services in partnership with Asian Insiders and Seven Stones Indonesia. The company is located in Helsinki, Finland and Jakarta as well as Bali, Indonesia. Seven Stones Finland’s mission is to contribute to solving the developmental and environmental challenges in developing and emerging markets of Asia with cleantech, healthtech, edtech and digital solutions from Finland.  Seven Stones Finland is your Finnish partner for growth in Asia.

Tanja Harjuniemi

Managing Director

3i Business Solutions AG


As a company with a focus on Asian and European markets, 3i Business Solutions creates added value for customers through pragmatic approaches using hands-on mentality, constant support and impact-oriented measures. With many years of experience and extensive networking with partners, experts and specialists, the company creates optimal framework conditions for customer processes, supply chain management, market development and management across borders.

Patrick Mathys

Managing Partner and Founder

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