A Post-Pandemic Guide for Businesses to Thrive in the New Normal

The pandemic has abruptly and significantly transformed industries across the world — from retail and manufacturing, to agriculture and marketing. The shift hasn’t been easy, but one distinct trait has determined whether businesses could survive the pandemic’s consequences — adaptability to change and innovation. Indeed, technology has allowed the economy to stay afloat — whether through the use of delivery apps, virtual financial services, online project management platforms, and more. Now that we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the pandemic’s tunnel, it’s important for businesses to adapt to the new normal. Read our three-minute A Post-Pandemic Guide for Businesses below.

To help your business adapt to this new world and move past the pandemic stronger than ever, here are some steps you can take:

Inject heart into your business

Part of running a business is making a connection with your customers and showing them that you care about them, not just their spending capacity. While it’s challenging to generate sales at this time, it’s important to show genuine empathy as a way of strengthening your relationship with your customers. Instead of being too salesy, Advertising Week 360 suggests adjusting your brand voice to reflect what your customers are facing. Put yourself in their shoes and show heartfelt empathy from all angles whenever you want to market to them.

Prioritise your online presence

Because more and more businesses are going digital, there is greater demand for SEO professionals to help them stand out within their respective niches. Due to the effects of the pandemic, companies can no longer ignore their online presence, so they’re relying on SEO experts to generate sales. Ayima Kickstart’s SEO professionals outline the various challenges businesses encounter when establishing their online presence, such as lack of optimised content (or any content at all), lack of knowledge in link development, and other technical SEO issues. Any business that wants to thrive in the digital age must absolutely prioritize SEO to bypass their competition. Otherwise, they risk losing their customers to other businesses with a better site, better content, and overall better digital experience.

Upgrade your customer service

Your customer’s concerns have changed, so it’s only right that you work to accommodate their newfound needs. You can easily do this by working to get feedback from your customers about their specific concerns, and using the data to remodel the way you serve them. For instance, if they have concerns about the cleanliness of your store’s premises, it’s best to adhere to their requests and raise your cleanliness standards. Of course, you should let them know that you’re taking those precautionary measures to address their concerns. When it comes to customer service, CMS Wire points out that being proactive will show that your brand is focused on delivering business continuity despite the tricky situation, while doing your best to manage customer expectations. This approach will certainly make your customers trust your business more.

Take care of your team

Customer service is the priority of every business, but you should also take care of your team, too. This is a tough time for everyone, so you should also put support measures in place to care for your staff. Forbes notes that during uncertain times, how you treat your team will be remembered for years to come, and how you respond will have a lasting impact on employee behaviour including engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Business owners have the responsibility to address the concerns of their employees. In whatever capacity you can, you should do your best to support their health and well-being. If at all possible, it would also help if you can reassure them of their financial and job security.

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By Lily Thompson

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