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Is your company considering expanding into Asian markets? Are you ready?

Is your company considering expanding into Asian markets? Are you ready?

Asian nations are amongst the world’s fastest growing economies, driven by a growing middle class and shifting demographics. Southeast Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. These are large and affluent populations with a taste for international standard products and services. So what is the best way for your company to engage?

Does your offering fit and do you have the resources and competences to succeed? Do you have suitable IP protection? Do you have a risk-management plan in place? Is your Board ready for the long-term commitment? Is your offering competitive in Asia and do you have the necessary resources and in-house competencies to succeed? How do you plan to manage the differences in business culture?

Asian Insiders will help you get the data that guides good decisions. Asian Insiders will help to identify your ideal markets, your ideal partners and channels, your ideal plan.

What resources will you need?

Even when working with channel partners, investment is required for market entry, marketing and partner support. Whether you are looking to source from, manufacture in and/or sell into a market, you’ll need to budget appropriately. What will be your mode – empire build or work with partners?

If establishing your in-market subsidiary, there will be costs – competitor research, legals, trademarks protection, customer intelligence etc. Consider personnel and HR processes and costs – it is critical to get the right people on board. How robust are your partner agreements and how to make these appropriate to the target business culture?

Asian Insiders is on hand to walk you through all these factors, to help you determine your strategy in Asia. Your first step is this Readiness Check and the report it will generate. Let’s starts there.

This Readiness Check will take you 10-15 minutes to complete and based upon your responses, generates an automated, customised report for your consideration. This is an actionable report, forming the baseline of ongoing advice and support.

Asian Insiders – preparing you for Asia.

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