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Asia offers enormous opportunities for companies and its position in the global trade and investment ecosystem is still strengthening. Yet entering Asian markets can be challenging and costly. Markets are very different, competition is intense, cultural differences can cause a lot of confusion etc, just to name a few common challenges companies face in Asian markets.

Asia Insiders’ service offering is designed to address these challenges for companies at different stages on the maturity curve of their Asia business, from “newcomers” to well established companies, who wish to strengthen their market position in this region.

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Success at the Asian markets requires careful preparation. Choice of target countries should be based on real facts rather than assumptions. Markets are very different, and the best opportunities might be found also in “unsuspected” countries.


There is no standard, off-the-shelf- answer to the question where our best markets are.


For each product or service the market attractiveness has to be analyzed specifically.  Price level and competition varies also drastically from country to country.

Companies should always verify their own competitiveness first before making big market entry investments.

For these challenges we offer the following services at the “Evaluate” phase:

Regional expansion strategy

We define the right strategy for the right market

Best markets

Verify the suitability and attractiveness of markets for your products, services or business ideas

Market Test Drive

test your products’ market match and competitiveness

Readiness test

Evaluate and develop your company’s own capabilities to succeed in Asian markets

We have handled hundreds of market entry projects in Asia.

Contact us to assess your opportunity in the world’s fastest-growing markets


Market entry into a new country may happen via different modes of operation. The most common way of selling products in Asian markets is via third party channels such as agents, distributors, dealers, importers, system integrators, VAR’s etc.

Finding channel partners is relatively easy and straight forward. However, getting new business with them is much more challenging.

For this specific challenge we offer unique services and tested methods, which are not available from most other consulting companies in Asia.

We see professional channel management concept as an opportunity for companies to differentiate from the competition and at the same time improve competitiveness, shorten the time-to-market and increase revenues!

Building a customer intimacy strategy, providing solutions that are adapted to specific customer situations, and delivered to the customers through individually tailored channels, is better achievable and more sustainable for most companies than price- or technology strategies.

Companies can improve their business by developing channel management capacity and capability in such a way that:
Their offering addresses exactly the needs of the target segments
The right channels are designed which can deliver that offering to the pre-defined target segments
The market opportunity is addressed quantitatively
The second common mode of market entry is setting up the company’s own subsidiary in the target market.

Even in this case most companies still need local partners and the operating concept is a kind of hybrid model in reality.

What ever the chosen market entry mode might be, in all cases the starting point is a competitive entry strategy based on thorough market knowledge.

Our services at the “Enter” phase:

Market entry strategy (incl. related market research & analyses)

Channel sales ramp-up support

Channel Development & Partner Search

Tools and methods for efficient channel sales


Companies often need to “re-design” their operating models in the target market. Current channel partners may not be the best possible or they might not be able to cover all the market segments, which offer attractive opportunities for company’s products.

Our services at the “Expand”- phase:

Sales booster: Channel review & development
Are you in the right channels to reach your customers?

Our services at the “Expand” phase:

Sales booster: Channel review & development

Channel sales ramp-up support

Channel Development & Partner Search

Tools and methods for efficient channel sales

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