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Outsourcing in South East Asia has become more and more popular since China has been partly losing its competitiveness.

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Outsourcing in South East Asia has become more and more popular since China has been partly losing its competitiveness.

Each regional country has its own benefits and competences and apart Vietnam it is impossible to draw any conclusions of the most suitable country before a deeper analysis of the sector where the outsourced products belong.

Thailand has a large automotive and electronics industry and supporting industry for those sectors, Malaysia is large electronics subcontracting country, Indonesia in furniture whilst Philippines rises as a champion on software outsourcing. Each one has many other interesting industry sectors as well.


A Vietnamese Factory


Vietnam however has become the hottest manufacturing Hub in the region. The reasons are multiple, overall cost structure versus competences, long tradition of manual work and being part of ASEAN free trade zone has pushed several major international players like Samsung, Intel, LG, Foxconn etc. to set up their assembly lines in Vietnam.

Other major outsourcing sectors in Vietnam are the furniture and home decoration sectors, textile and garments sector and all kind of mechanical engineering sector starting from sheet metal components, light metal components, casting and forging to heavy steel structures and components.

Common nominator for all these sectors is the number of companies which in each sector is thousands.

The size of companies varies which gives the possibility for both small, medium and high-volume manufacturing. The challenge for companies searching the supplier is the number of possibilities, lack of internet presence, limited English skills and unresponsiveness to emails or calls.

Trying to find your supplier through trade shows or similar is too artificial and limited way to trust your production to a third party. Randomly contacting suppliers through internet is hopeless in most of the cases.

That’s why we at Asian Insiders have developed tools and methods for search, benchmark and audit suppliers for any customer looking for outsourcing. During the years and after several outsourcing assignments we have many factories in our portfolio and should that not be enough, we continuously meet and discuss with new workshops.

Our methods are analytical, based on deep understanding of the customers product and the local environment. Being an independent 3rd party, acting on behalf our customer, our work is neutral and not driven by external pressions or needs. We do not trade or work under commission schemes.

  • Once we have communicated you the detailed report of our findings.
  • We expect you to come and meet those companies together with us.
  • Finally, we help you to make an educated selection of the supplier(s).
If you are planning to produce in South East Asia,  contact us and expose your needs.

Sourcing services

South East Asia and China provides a limitless number of suppliers of all kind of products, for consumers and for industrial use. While China sourcing is today based heavily in on-line services, that is not always the best way to source. In other Asian countries, on-line services are less developed, and sourcing still is about meeting and discussing face to face. Factory visits and deeper discussions are the best way to avoid problems like child work, forced labor and other social problems effecting the manufacturing industry in various countries.

When buying on-line, you cannot know the facts behind the production. Our sourcing supplier services are done in a similar way than our outsourcing services. The work is done as desk study and we do not normally visit and audit the factory to keep the total costs lower.

However, we go through all relevant issues by interviewing the suppliers and we make the audit and confirm all given information while we visit them together with you.

As your product might vary from the ones produced by suppliers, there is always the possibility of light changes to be done. This is important to communicate right from the beginning as modifications might need a certain volume to be bought.

Quality Control Services

Manufacturing or outsourcing in South East Asia naturally raises the question of quality and lead-time control at supplier. Most often there is no need to set-up your own activity in the region, unless the volume is substantially high, and it would be more economical to be present than buy the services from an external partner.

Asian Insiders has services in Vietnam to provide incoming materials control, on-line manufacturing quality control with regular lot control during production, AQL control before shipment and logistical arrangements. You can trust your whole supply chain management in Vietnam into our hands. In many cases it is the most efficient way to handle the local activities, especially when you are in North American continent with time difference of 11-14 hrs.

Our locally competent teams will solve the problems before you are even aware of them.

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