FOMO Renew Summit

13-14 March 2024, Stavanger, Norway

13-17 March 2024, Stavanger, Norway

With 60% of the globe’s population, Asia is the fastest growing region for the world’s products, services and technologies

The need for better energy solutions in Asia continues to grow amidst an increasing urgency for cleaner, more sustainable production, transportation and consumption. We provide expertise, connection to and experience in Asia. We have completed over 1,000 successful client projects in Asia, including many in renewable energy and clean technologies. We will be attending FOMO Renew Summit and are available to speak with forward-thinking organisations that need to succeed in Asia. We would love to speak with you.

Meet Axel Blom,
speaking at FOMO Renew Summit,
13 March 2024, 15.20, main stage.

Axel Blom

Axel Blom has lived and worked in Asian for almost 40 years. He has previously served as resident Representative for Innovation Norway to Thailand and Myanmar and as Director for Scandinavian Airlines in Southeast Asia. Axel is a founding director of Norway Connect and currently serves as President of the Thai-Norwegian Thai Chamber of Commerce. He is also the Thailand partner of Asian Insiders, an Asia-wide consulting network. Axel offers vast experience for western business into Asia, including Thailand.

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