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Asian Insiders offers four core services – Market Entry, Sourcing & Outsourcing, Operative Services, as well as a range of supplementary services that vary by target market. With over 1,000 completed client projects under our belt, we’re good at what we do. Our unique tools and templates are honed to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Asian Insiders offers four core services – Market Entry, Sourcing & Outsourcing, Operative Services, as well as a range of supplementary services that vary by target market.

Market Entry Services

Asia is home to over 4.5 billion people – more than half the world’s population. Asia has also experienced some of the most dynamic economic growth in recent years with unprecedented numbers of people climbing from lower economic levels with massive growth in urbanisation, infrastructure and demand for better health, education, housing, energy requirements, transport and consumer products.

The resulting opportunities in Asia are enormous and many western companies are starting to recognise the scale of these. Whether a smart SME or a multi-national, there is an attractive, viable market in Asia for your company.

The rate of economic and social development varies between Asian countries due to various local factors. This is where any company needs research and careful evaluation. They need to fully understand the market as well as the scale of opportunity and this should be done comparatively within the wider Asian region.

Obtaining accurate market information within Asia is more than just Googling macro-economic data. Accessing useful data, through the right channels and balanced against local politics, current policies and mindful of local language and business culture takes serious local expertise.

We are Asian Insiders.

We are seasoned trading professionals from a range of senior corporate backgrounds. Further, we have long been in Asia, with partner teams in most Asian territories. This unparalleled combination of breadth and depth allows our clients access to exactly that data, both locally within each territory and regionally, offering comparative views.

Don’t move until you know it’s the right move.

“One good spy is worth 10,000 soldiers.”

Sun Tzu

We’ll research the data you need, both via formal channels as well as through our network of connections. We’ll talk to sector professionals, government officials, business associations and local experts to bring you the market knowledge that will allow you to select the best Asian market and to validate your product-market fit.  Our services are bespoke – we customise our reports to your sector and your requirements both quantitative and qualitatively.

We have unique tools and methodologies for this allowing for expert in-depth analysis that allows you the security you need to ensure your market entry costs are well spent.

Asian Insiders is the essential ingredient to your success.

Our Process


Success in Asia requires careful preparation. And there is so much to learn and to know before commencing operations. ‘Evaluate’ is the first of our ‘3-E’s’ – our simple formula for what is a comprehensive approach to successfully positioning clients in Asia. Asian Insiders offers several services, each deploying proven tools and processes that sets out to answer a fundamental question: ‘How would my company prosper in Asia?’ Service delivery is customised to the client and their stage on the journey towards successful business in Asia. For each product or service, product market fit must be analysed, and price levels and competition vary strongly within Asia. See our services description at Market Entry. Allow Asian Insiders to fully explore your opportunities to give you every chance for success in Asia.

Our Service Modules

  • Best Markets
  • Market Test Drive


There are several possible modes of entry into a new country. The most common way of selling products in Asian markets is via third party channels such as agents, distributors, dealers, importers, system integrators, VAR’s etc. But finding the right channel is just the beginning – getting the business flowing through your partners is the next challenge. To assist this we offer our unique tools and processes, and our years of experience of business in Asia to enable your success. Professional channel management is a skill and an art in itself and doing this well will differentiate you from competitors. Professional channel management, with the right partners will improve your competitiveness, shorten your time to market cycles and increase financial performance on every level. Further, your relationships with end customers will be more satisfying, building longer and deeper loyalty with your market. Building an adaptive channel management strategy that is responsive and that works for all parties will be long term sustainably profitable.

Our Service Modules

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Channel Development & Partner Search
  • Channel Sales Ramp-up Support
  • Tools and methods for effective Channel Sales


A successful beachhead is a great start, and your sales in Asia are building. But are your current channel partners reaching full sales potential? Are they able to reach each sector and niche? Is it worth exploring expanding your sales operations within your present Asian market? Are you covering all the main geographic centres? Asian Insiders will work with you to examine these questions and offer insight based on comparative market data. Before widening your scope to new Asian markets, it’s worth ensuring that you have near full saturation of the market you’ve already invested in.

And then – where to build on from here? How to extend your present base of operations into a wider regional hub? Asian Insiders will work together to further develop your great start in Asia into an increasingly powerful, sustainable element in your global presence.

Our Service Modules

  • Channel Review and Development

Olli-Pekka Oksanen

Senior Vice President, Global Distribution – Metso Outotec

“Thank you for the very good work done to explore this market. We are now in a completely different position to understand our business, position, partner as well as alternatives going forward. I am confident this will very positively drive our business in Thailand going forward.”

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