Famous as one of the world’s premier tourism destinations, Thailand is a thriving domestic and export economy.

Famous as one of the world’s premier tourism destinations, Thailand is a thriving domestic and export economy.

Located at the centre of Southeast Asia, the roads, transport and communications infrastructures are well developed and Bangkok’s two international airports make Thailand the hub for most regional business travel. Bangkok is directly linked with nonstop flights to most major European cities.

With a population of near 70 million, Thailand is also the physical centre of the ASEAN Economic Community. The AEC has around 4 billion people and offers a market size of around USD 24 trillion, all within close reach. Thailand further has free trade agreements with much of the Asia-Pacific region allowing free movement of materials and supplies. Thailand has close to 70 well-functioning industrial estates with a wide range of manufacturing and logistics facilities available.

The Thai Board of Investment offers several promotional schemes intended to encourage foreign investment, including lengthy taxation holidays, otherwise Thailand has the second lowest corporate tax rate in the region at 20%.

The Thai population is increasingly sophisticated with a burgeoning middle-class. The mobile penetration rate is 120% and the Facebook penetration rate is the highest in the world making Thai consumers well-informed and digitally savvy. Thailand also is the logical hub for a wider regional strategy while being a pleasant, safe base for international executives and their families. Bangkok has repeatedly been voted as the most favoured expatriate city in the world due to its affordable high-quality living conditions including state-of-the art medical facilities in the city

But you’re going to need assistance. Thai regulations are complex and local relationships are critical. You’ll need to research your market, your modes of entry and your partners.

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