Why Asian Renewable Markets?

1. Vast Market Possibilities

Growing demand of clean energy for the 60% of world population.

2. Green Growth

Every country in Asia has taken major action to roll-out renewable energy production.

3. Diverse Opportunities

All countries offer different opportunities based on their resources and energy potential.

4. Different Market Maturity

Demand for the best and the most suiteable technologies and solutions.

5. Strong Investment In Green Energy

50% of global future investments in Renewable energies are expected to be done in Asia-Pacific Region.

High Potential Renewable Industries In Asia

Asia has significant potential to become a hub for renewable energy.


Great Opportunities in Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia
  • "Wind energy capacity additions in China were 72 GW (2020)"
  • "Korea will have 12 gigawatts of offshore power by 2030"
  • "71% of the of Indonesia has great wind energy potential."


Great Opportunities in Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • "In China PV energy capacity additions in 2020 were 48,2 GW"
  • "Korea is aiming to install 30.8 GW of solar generation 4 capacity by 2030"
  • "Malaysian installed capacity to reach 47GW by 2030"
  • "Indonesia expected to Install over 3 GW rooftop Solar PV by 2025."
  • "Roof top solar for industrial buildings and shopping malls is hot in Vietnam"

Biomass & Waste to Energy

Great Opportunities in Indonesia, Thailand, China
  • "183 billion USD investments during 2021-2025 in China"
  • "In Indonesia waste to energy projects continue in 12 major cities"
  • "44 biomass and waste to energy projects begin operations in 2022 in Thailand"

What Are The Main Challenges For Renewable Energy Firms In Asia ?

Decisions Are Done Without Understanding The Markets

  • Reliable market insights from online and English based sources are limited.
  • Market access barriers arising from cultural differences or historical issues are not understood.
  • Often companies have not validated their market potential estimates in each country.
  • Local offices and HQ have different ‘opinions’ on market insights.

Trying To Implement Wrong Strategy

  • Business is done in circles of trusts, if your network is limited, so will be your business
  • Strategy that works in home markets does not work in Asia, it has to be modified based on specific market environment
  • Products & pricing need to be adapted to local markets
  • Business model has to based on actual market situation
  • Successfully selling to Asia from your home country almost never works. In many countries even selling from neighboring country does not work.

Not Having The Right Partners

  • The biggest company often is not the best partner – if your product brings 1% of the partners annual sales, you will get 1% of their effort.
  • Partner selection criteria is not logical. Selecting sales partners are often based on ‘the one company we met in trade show’.
  • Sales partner is ‘a company who works with lot of other companies from my home country’ without sector specific skills or network.

You Need Time, Money And Patience

  • Asian markets are not in general very fast paced, decisions can take time to be made and you will need time, money and patience
  • On the other hand some countries work extremely fast pace, but building trust and relationship still takes time.

Not One Uniform Market

  • You need to considerate each Asian market as unique, a strategy you have in Korea might not work in Thailand.
  • Even inside a country, the market can be extremely fragmented
  • Localization of your product, service, marketing materials, sales kits and all communication is a must in Asian markets

How Our Renewable Energy Experts Can Help You

1. Power-up Your Asian Market Presence

Find the best markets for you. Be confident that you have right strategy, priority order and that you know all the main players relevant to you.

2. Expert Knowledge Shared With You

100+ years of combined experience in the region, not many companies can offer you such vast knowledge with one single point of contact

3. Local Action, International Standards

We are on the ground; we have access to latest opportunities and talk with local experts. Our networks are made of stakeholders from both private and public sectors in countries where we are present.

4. Cost Efficient And Reduces Risk

Combining shared market report with tailored company specific tasks, participants get access to broader market information with reduced cost.

We Help Companies In The Following Situations

You can consult our experts to decide which services are best suited for you.

If You Already Have Some Distribution Or Sales Partners In Asia

  • Get clear understanding of Asian markets relevant to your company
  • Expand your distribution and sales partner network to all Asian markets
  • Replace your under-performing parters Re-design your whole strategy for Asian markets
  • Outsource skilled sales team

If You Are Completely New To Asian Markets

  • Get clear understanding of Asian markets relevant to your company
  • Test your product in few key markets to validate product-market match
  • Create your distribution and sales partner network to priority Asian markets

If You Have Extensive Sales Network And/or Own Offices In Key Locations Though Asia

  • Replace your under-performing partners
  • Re-design your whole strategy for Asian markets
  • Outsource skilled sales team
  • Use our experts as interim management
  • Develops market access of your non-core business through Asia

Our Consultants Help You Achieve Your Business Goals In Asia

We work with SMEs and Enterprise sized companies

1. Market Evaluation

  • Allied Market Access - program
  • Market test drive - evaluation
  • Market prioritization strategy

2. Business Development

  • Sales channel strategy development
  • Partner evaluation
  • Partner search
  • Partner engagement

3. Operational Services

  • Interim management
  • Local sales team recruitment
  • Local sales team management
  • Company setup

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Our Videos

Anssi Mikola Founder, RiverRecycle

Asian Insider team in the Philippines has been instrumental in identifying the right business opportunities and partners for us.

Thanks to their local expertise, we have been able to gain a solid market understanding and build a pipeline of projects in less than six months. We have been doing business development side-by-side with the team, and the prospects are very positive as we continue our cooperation. 

Heli Kairala Business Manager Wastewater Automation, Valmet

We used Asian Insiders services in a country, where our company has own sales office. For this segment, we needed new sales channel as our own sales teams focuses on Valmet’s core products.

Process started with testing and verifying the market for this product. Following positive outcome, we continued with in-depth market analysis and channel concept development. Finally, we selected our distributor from several good candidates. Asian Insiders services were very comprehensive, and the consultants of are committed to our success.

Hannu Wärme CEO - Savaterra Oy

The team in China has been a great help for us to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese market for our GreenFix soil remediation solution. With their assistance, we have been able to reach more potential clients in China. We are happy to recommend the team!

    Renewable Energy Case Studies

    "Access the best markets in Asia for your renewable energy solutions!”

    Multi-country Test Drive For Biorefinery Company Solution

    Client company is a family-owned European technology company.

    The company has developed through intensive R&D work a unique technology to convert mainly agricultural residues into high value biofuels or biochemicals.

    The customer wanted to know if their technology would have realistic opportunities in some selected, Asian markets and how they could rank the markets based on facts and verified attractiveness for their technology.

    We executed market evaluation based on uniform datapoints, in multiple countries simultaneously. This revealed to the client the most attractive target countries. We continued by interviewing industry experts to uncover real pain-points in each country. This revealed to the client the core focus areas in each country. With these two valuable tools client was able to focus their sales activities to the correct countries and towards correct clients.

    As a result, the client signed a deal with a major state-owned energy company to establish a bio- refinery in one of the target markets with more projects in the pipeline.

    Finding The Correct Channel Partner For Cleantech Company In Korea And Japan

    Tana is one of the leading manufacturers of solid waste management technology worldwide concentrating only in solid waste management technology. Prior to our involvement, they had an existing partner in Korea however this partner is focusing on sales of other products from the client.

    Tana has global presence and it operates through a network of distributors and after sales activities in 50 countries.

    The partner search process with Asian Insiders started by joint preparation and finetuning the Ideal Partner Profile for the local markets after which Asian Insiders started the search process by producing a Longlist of available channel partner candidates. Each candidate was then evaluated against the Ideal Partner Profile focusing mostly on criteria such as existing clientele and partner’s current offering. Following this, each of the longlisted companies’ top management was contacted and Tana’s value proposition was explained in detail, using our local experts. Companies interested in Tana’s offering then continued to negotiate distributor agreement with Tana with target of signing one new distributor partner in each country.

    In South Korea, the process was completed some months ago and we are happy to say, that the first orders have been already received from the appointed dealer. In Japan, the process is slightly halted due to the outbreak of the Corona- virus pandemic, but the negotiations with the final candidates have been started and are ongoing.

    Our Clients

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