Asian Insiders is born

Asian Insiders is born

Asian Insiders is born

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Five consulting companies located in different part of Asia have decided to join forces to make the services easier to find and more easily accessible for our existing and future clients. This consortium of Asia- based consultancies has been titled as Asian Insiders. The name sort of illustrates one of the key necessities for successful operations in Asia namely local presence says Jari Hietala from Hongkong, one of the founding partners of Asian Insiders. To win deals in Asian markets you must be “an insider” in the market. The word “insider” bears also other meanings. “An insider” has gained experience and has insight on how to enter or operate successfully at these markets say Mr. Pietro & Claudio Karjalainen from Vietnam. We are happy to announce “Asian Insiders is born!”

Asian Insiders operates across Asia covering all main markets and industry sectors such as manufacturing & engineering, renewables & energy, healthcare, ICT, software & digitalization, retail and construction. The founding partners have combined 100+ years of business & consulting experience in Asia with more than 1000 completed assignments with more than 500 companies.

Our services are always tailor-made to meet the needs of any particular client says Mr. Hannes Humala from South Korea. It is not only reports and strategy work what we do, as we go really deep into practical sales and operational work together with our clients. We always have only one goal with all our clients in whatever we do: it is to create real success in the market. Mr. Sean Han from Korea explains, that we rather walk away from a project opportunity, if we do not believe we can add value or if we don’t believe the project has enough potential to create expected positive impact for the client.

Asian Insiders have a conceptualized service offering with many unique features Mr. Kai Tuorila from Thailand continues. For example, our sales channel & partner search- concept is quite different and unique when compared to most other consulting companies in Asia. At these markets it is not particularly difficult to find dealers, distributors or other kinds of channel partners. The real challenge is to win business with them. For this challenge we have a concept, tools and methods, which have been tested in hundreds of assignments in different countries.

Asian Insiders services are grouped under three main categories explains Mr. Joona Selin from the Philippines namely market entry services, sourcing & outsourcing and operative services. We are not trying to push any particular market for our clients as we are completely country- independent Mr. Selin continues. We take our clients to those markets which are most potential for them. We have also services, which are designed to test the competitiveness and suitability of our clients’ products at these markets. These types of services have been quite popular among newcomers to Asian markets as they don’t have to guess which markets to go to and make expensive market entry investments based on insufficient market knowledge.

Sourcing & outsourcing services have been on high demand particularly at markets such as Vietnam and China. Vietnam seems to have been one of the winners after manufacturing costs in China have started to rise and particularly after the trade war between China and USA started, says Mr. Pietro Karjalainen.

The founding members of Asian Insiders are the following persons and companies: Mr. Jari Hietala is the CEO & Founding partner of a Hongkong- based consulting firm Asia Sales Channels Ltd. Mr. Hietala has also acquired a globally recognized certification as a management consulting professional namely CMC (Certified Management Consultant). At Asian Insiders Mr. Hietala has a specific role as a project lead for any new client relationships and new project development.

Mr. Pietro & Claudio Karjalainen are running a company FinnSea Ltd from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Mr. Hannes Humala & Mr. Sean Han are partners of a company Second Opinion from Seoul, South Korea.

Mr. Kai Tuorila is CEO & Partner of Netpoint S.E.A. based in Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Joona Selin is director at Nordcham Philippines based in Manila, Philippines

In addition Asian Insiders has associate partners in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, Australia, Indonesia and mainland China.